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Orbit & Oculoplasty

Orbit & Oculoplasty

What is Orbit & Oculoplasty?

Orbit refers to the eye-socket (the cavity in the skull that holds the eye) and the surrounding structures. Diseases of the Orbit may arise from within the eye-socket or might be a secondary condition arising out of an existing illness. While some of these issues could be cosmetic, quite a few of orbital problems might affect the regular functioning of the eyes. There’s sure relief for these conditions and oculoplasty is a cosmetic/reconstructive surgical procedure that comes to the rescue of patients with eye orbit problems.

Reconstruction for the better good

Oculoplasty gives a ray of hope for patients that have orbital deformities. Most of these would require surgical corrections and ocularists generally perform these surgeries along with neurologists and plastic surgeons. There may also be situations when the eye will have to be completely removed, like for instance, at an advanced stage of cancer or an accident. An empty eye socket could be quite traumatizing for the patient. In such scenarios, an artificial eye (ocular prosthesis) can be implanted to improve the patient’s psychological condition.

The department of Orbit & Oculoplasty at Dr. Agarwal’s offers comprehensive treatment to various problems affecting the orbit of the eye. Thorough investigations that check for dry eyes, double vision, protrusion, eye movements, etc., are done before determining the course of treatment. Patients that need a surgical correction or ocular prosthesis are counselled well by an expert team of doctors.