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Know about Uvea

The human eye is composed of three layers of which, Uvea is the middle one. Uvea is not a common term we get to hear often. However, it is one of the complex structures in the eye that’s critical to proper vision. In this section, let’s quickly understand a little more about Uvea and the diseases that could affect its functioning.

Uveal Treatment - For your good health

Your doctor would perform a series of tests on your eyes like visual clarity, eye pressure and even dilate your eyes to check the inside health of it. If your doctor suspects Uveitis, he/she would perform more tests to identify any underlying problem that’s causing this. You would be asked to share your medical history. Tests like an X-Ray to check for tuberculosis and blood work would be done to identify any autoimmune diseases/other conditions. These tests will help rule out systemic Uveitis.

In the case of systemic Uveitis, the primary disease would be treated and Uveitis would subside on its own. However, if the infection is restricted only to the Uvea, treatment may involve administration of eye drops or treatment involving antibiotics or corticosteroids.

At Dr. Agarwal’s there are doctors who have specialized in treating Uveal diseases. Utmost care is taken to control the disease at an early stage and the patient is given the best treatment possible to safeguard his/her vision.